EPLER      OG      PÆRER
Øyvind Novak Jenssen, 1988
Lives and works in OSLO / NORWAY

Tlf: +47 48036093
E-mail: onj_123@hotmail.com

I am working in a wide variety of materials. The work often takes the form of installations with both wall-based and sculptural elements and scenes. We live in a dens world filled with objects that people have left behind. Therefore I prefer to work with materials that I find in my surroundings. I gather materials from nature, trash containers or from the street. Partly because I want to have a sustainable production, but also because it forms a natural link between the physical work and the places they are from. I harvest anything from wood, fruits, plants and sun-bleached tarpaulins; materials that have their own history and has gone through some kind of change. All the ingredients are brought back to my studio where they
are used in different experiments and tests. I see, smell and feel all the small and big changes in the material. Temperature, bacterial growth, time, chemical processes and air (oxygen and nitrogen) are some of the elements that shapes my work.