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Gallery KIT-Trondheim

Innherredsveien 7, 7014 Trondheim
19.02.16 - 28.02.2016

Group show with Andreas Wallroth

“Everything is on its way to becoming something else. Everything we see is likely to be something other than what we think it is, or on its way to being seen as something other.”

R. Lane, Wylie, Hickey, 2003 on Sigmar Polke’s exhibition - History of Everything

End of Comfort’ is activating thoughts and emotions towards the conscious action of pursuing challenges and sorts of resistance. An anxious pleasure driven from being freely lost, from not seeing anything clearly and not really knowing anything for sure.

In this exhibition Øyvind Novak Jenssen and Andreas Wallroth explore ways of artistic process, presentations and collaboration. With a light-hearted interpretation of the exhibition title they explore different methods through working alternately with initiated processes - handing over a work to be altered, giving instructions or using each others notes and studios. This use of different working methods aims to loose control over the result and presume the ability to making greater intervention which might generate a fruitful merge.

Photo: Anders S. Solberg