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Studio work - Trondheim KIT

Innherredsveien 7, 7014 Trondheim
06.12.14 - 09.12.14
I've been working with a project with working title «t-shirts and tank tops», consisting of white t-shirts and tank tops affected by different materials. The project have taken two main courses, one of them containing t-shirts in vacuumed bags, filled with different types of meals. The other course is based on affecting the fabrics over time in the open, with coffee,yoghurt, water from the ocean etc. The projects' starting point was an idea of wanting to affect clothes with different food – to create a brand where the product was already filthy when you bought it. In that way it would not matter if you spilled something on your shirt during dinner, because it would blend in with the fabrics' original pattern.From this main idea it evolved into whole dishes, so that you could buy the food you preferred; if vegetarian you could buy a dish/clothing without meat, and if you preferred lamb over beef – you could have what you wanted. The different dishes give different patterns and colors.

To create a setting for the products, I decided to build a pop-up store in my studio so that people could buy the products. Even though the products are highly exclusive (hand made, only one copy of each), I wanted it to be unpretentious – so I made a payment arrangement so that the buyers could choose whether or not they wanted to pay with money. The products could be purchased by one of four options;

300 NOK,
by bringing a clean white t-shirt and a material that will affect it,
by presenting something that they were interested in over a cup of coffee,
or by asking me home for dinner.